Star Wars - Hunters and Hunted

Another day unpaid...

Well… here I am again… hopeless and empty handed. Turns out dad was right I don't have the "Criminal Mind" it takes to make the big credits on the Outer Rim. I have too big a conscious he says, I can't handle living a life of crime. I made my choice to be a legit transport and that's
what I'm gonna stick with dammit! I resent my father for putting my mother and I through that life, and it beats at me everyday. Truth is I feel he tells me these things to push me into it and every time I don't budge we grow further apart. No big deal to me, the further we are apart the less likely ill be headed down his path. 

The last transport left me with a sour taste in my mouth because once again I wasn't paid and told I would see my payment soon. Heh… you know the previous transport told me the exact same thing, that was 2 weeks ago. Guess the word got out that I would let a payment slip. If I don't see a credit soon I might be tempted…NO! I won't be like my skeeving father, I won't be compromised but I can't let everyone walk all over me either. 

I am at my wits end running transport from Coruscant. I need to find a place to clear my head and ease my thoughts. Thoughts of home are always soothing, Temlia is home but ive been away for so long I can hardly remember the beauty that resides within the forests, but who could ever really forget? I remember when I was about 8 years old running through
the forests near my home town of Tennosa getting lost but somehow always finding my way home to my worried mother. I remember seeing my father come home from his "Valiant Missions" and being so proud to have him as my father. Some things were
much better back then…Yeah I think its time to take my mission Temlia.



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