New Feats

New Feats

Starship Feats

Benefit: You take no penalty on attack roles when operating weapons on any class of starship. If firing at a ship that is at point blank range from an ally (dogfighting) and you are greater than point blank range, you suffer no attack penalty.
Normal: Without this feat, character suffer a -4 to attack rolls when operating starship weapons unless they have the appropriate starship operation feat. Firing at a target at point blank range from an ally when at greater than point blank range suffers a -4 penalty.

Expert Gunner
Pre-reqs: Gunner, base attack bonus +9 or higher
Benefit: You never suffer range penalties on attack rolls when firing on targets at short or medium range.
Normal: Most ships suffer range penalties when firing at short or medium ranges.

Pinpoint Accuracy
Pre-reqs: Base attack bonus +6 or higher
Benefit: Before making attack rolls with starship weapons for the round, you may subtract a number from you base attack bonus, and add the same number to damage dealt to targets at point blank range.

Character Feats

Agile Riposte
Pre-reqs: Dexterity 13, Dodge
Benefit: Once per round if an opponent you have designated as your dodge opponent makes a melee attack against you and misses, you may take an attack of opportunity against that opponent. Resolve the effects of both attacks simultaneously.
Special: Soldiers, Jedi Consulars, and Jedi Guardians make take this feat as a class bonus feat.

Armor Familiarity
Pre-reqs: Proficient with specific armor
Benefit: When wearing a single type of armor, such as padded battle armor, all armor check penalties are reduced by 1, and your maximum dexterity bonus to defense increases by 1.
Special: You may gain this feat multiple times, it's effects do not stack. Each time you take this feat it applies to a different type of armor.

Pre-reqs: Dexterity 13, Quick Draw, Weapon Group: Blaster Pistols
Benefit: Whenever you roll the highest initiative at the beginning of combat, you may make a surprise action to make a single attack with a blaster pistol. If you already made a surprise action for this combat, you gain no additional benefit.

Extra Lucky
Pre-reqs: Lucky class feature
Benefit: You may use the Lucky class feature once more per day

Improved Effort
Pre-reqs: Scout Level 5th
Benefit: You do not become fatuiged after using the extreme effort class abilit

Kit-Bashing (Hero Guide pg 43)
Pre-reqs: Intelligence 15, Repair 8 ranks
Benefit: By cannibalizing available components from other equipment, you can construct primitive, limited use versions of a weapon, electronic device, or very rudimentary vehicle. The device has a limited lifespan after which the components used become worthless for any other use.
Special: You must have the craft specialty for the device you are trying to build. For example, to build a crude datapad, you must have craft: Electronic devices skill

Perfect Memory
Pre-reqs: Intelligence 15
Benefit: You may make an intelligence check with a +4 aptitude bonus to recall stray information about notable people, popular rumors, or noteworthy places. You may not take 10 or 20 on this roll. The DC is set by the obscurity of the information (10 for common, 20 for uncommon, 30 for extremely obscure).

Shady Merchant
You know someone who buys stolen merchandise (Commonly known as a fence)
Benefit: A fence can take delivery of stolen merchandise within 2d4 hours plus 1d4 hours per 5000 credits of the total value. The fence pays 30% of the value, but a diplomacy check may get the fence to agree to pay more (up to 70%, see Hero's Guide page 45)

Weapon Specialization
Pre-reqs: Proficient with weapon, Weapon focus with weapon, Soldier level 5th
Benefit: You gain +2 damage on all damage rolls when using selected weapon.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times, the effects do not stack. A soldier may take this feat as a soldier bonus feat.

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New Feats

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