New Utility Items

Military Comlink

The military comlink, a headset and boom mic, allows the user to communicate with only a whisper and only creating enough sound to be heard by the user. Each unit has a range of 50km overland and reach low orbit. It can send encrypted messages that require a computer and a computer use check DC=35 to decrypt if intercepted. Military comlinks can be integrated into armor suit helmets for the same cost.

Cost: 900 credits

Handheld Computer

Handheld computer is a slightly larger and more versatile system similar to a datapad. The functional differences are the bonus to calculations and downloads(+4 Int bonus to computer use checks for calculations/downloads as opposed to +2), and the ability to hold and run multiple datacard programs simultaneously (5 programs as opposed to 1). The added versatility makes handheld computers a favorite of slicers all over the galaxy.

Item Cost (credits) Weight (kg)
Handheld Computer 1500 3.0
Mastercraft +1 3000 2.8
Mastercraft +2 6000 2.7

Utility Belt

A common sight across the galaxy on sentients of all walks of life, the basic utility belt has several pouches containing a three day supply of food capsules, a medpac, a basic tool kit, a spare power pack, spare energy cell, a glow rod, a comlink, and a couple empty pouches for whatever else the wearer wants to add (up to an additional 2kg).

Cost: 600 credits

Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades have long been used by military forces as a means of concealing troop movement. Once armed, it can be placed or thrown, and creates a cloud of smoke 6m in radius that blocks all sight (augmented or normal). The cloud persists for roughly 10 rounds, but even a moderate wind will disperse the smoke more quickly (4 rounds) and a strong wind will disperse it nearly immediately (one round). In both cases, the smoke cloud will be pushed in that direction. Smoke grenades are most commonly white, though red, yellow, green, and purple are also common. Colored smoke is frequently used as a signaling method. Occasionally colored smoke it used in celebrations.

On the first round the smoke fills the four squares within 2 meters. On round two the cloud expands to fill a 4 meter radius. Finally on round three the smoke fills the full 6 meter radius.

Cost: 500 credits (box of 10)

Snaplight Sticks

Snaplight Sticks are simple chemical light sources used by military, police and rescue forces, and civilians alike for more purposes than can be listed. A simple clear tube hold two chemical liquids, one of which is contained in a smaller capsule. By flexing the tube, the capsule can be broken, allowing the two liquids to mix (often aided by vigorous shaking for a moment). Once mixed, the liquids glow, emitting light in a 8 meter radius (4 bright, 4 dim).

Snaplight Sticks are often used to mark a location, to create a path (using multiple), or as decoration. They can also be thrown like grenades, however their light weight and bad aerodynamics limits them to a 2m range increment instead of 4m.

Cost: 10cr (Box of 10)

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New Utility Items

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