Short Term (cr/day) Long Term (cr/week)
Poor 50 25-50
Average 100 150-200
Luxury 200 500+


  Prepared (cr/per meal) Self Prepared (cr/per week)
Poor 5 20
Average 15 50
Luxury 50 200+

Medical Treatment:

Emergancy Treatment (Medpac) 150 cr
Long Term Care 250 cr/day
Bacta Tank Therapy 3000 cr/12 hours

Dock bay Fees:

Ship Size Daily Fee Monthly Fee
Tiny 250 cr 4000 cr
Small 500 cr 7500 cr
Medium 1000 cr 15000 cr
Large or bigger 2500 cr 40000 cr

Other Services:
50 cr/month to rent a small office space
1-3 cr to take public transportation for a local trip
5-15 cr to hire air taxi for a local trip
150 cr/day to rent a vehicle
1 cr/4 hours to park a speeder on a local grid
75 cr/day to rent a droid
5-15 cr to watch a live sporting event
5 cr to visit tourist attraction
2 cr to use public com system (pay phone)
3-10 credit cover charge at clubs
1-3 credit for a drink at a bar

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