Starship Component and Repair Costs

For most components, repairing a system is much cheaper than replacing it with new parts. Complexity for repair checks and costs is listed with the component. Hull Points have a flat rate and do not use a cost modifier. Installing new components is typically easier than repairing broken ones, only requiring a repair check DC=15.

Hull Points: Hull point cost 500 credits per point to repair. A Repair Check is made, and the result equals the number of hull points restored (up to the maximum paid for). This requires one day of work.

Shield Generators (very complex): New Shield Generators cost (shield points x multiplier x 100) credits. Repair check DC=15 to install and requires 12 hours of work.

Ship Size Multiplier Ship Size Multiplier
Diminuitive or smaller x0.25 Large x4.0
Tiny x0.5 Huge x8.0
Small x1.0 Gargantuan x16.0
Medium x2.0 Colossal x32.0

Computers (complex): Ships computers cost a base of 20,000 credits multiplied by the same modifiers as shield generators. Each repair check removes one point from any penalties associated with using the computer.

Ion Engines (very complex): Sublight Engines cost a base amount of 20,000 credits multiplied by a size modifier and a check modifier. Each repair check removes one point from any piloting penalties associated with the ships engines and nameuvering, and takes one day.

Ship Size Multiplier Check Bonus Multiplier
Tiny or smaller x1 +0 x1
Small x2 +1 x1.5
Medium x3 +2 x2
Large x4 +3 x3
Huge x5 +4 x5
Gargantuan x6    
Colossal x8    

Power Plant (very complex): A ships power plant costs a base amount of 25,000 credits multiplied by the same size modifier used my the shield generator. Ships that mount a high volume of weapons, or extra systems for their size may require a larger power plant at the GM's discretion.

Hyperdrive (very complex): The hyperdrive motivators cost a base amount determined by the ships' size, and is divided by the hyperdrive multiplier. Back up hyperdrives follow the same rule.

Ship Size Base Cost Ship Size Base Cost
Diminuitive or smaller 5,000 cr Large 80,000 cr
Tiny 10,000 cr Huge 160,000 cr
Small 20,000 cr Gargantuan 320,000 cr
Medium 40,000 Colossal 640,000 cr

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Starship Component and Repair Costs

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