Star Wars - Hunters and Hunted


Killian arrives on Temlia as part of a security detail for one of Grey Haven's frequent clandestine business transactions. The job was to cut a deal with an iron monger and smuggle a shipment of blasters back to Corynth II, using Temlia’s lack of eyes, relative to other more populated worlds, to avoid scrutiny. Killian stands with two more enforcers at the back of a rundown warehouse near the edge of town, while the group’s smooth-talking face negotiates with the gun runners over price.

For reasons Killian neither knows nor cares, the deal goes sideways and the two parties draw on each other. Why is it that Killian is always the one getting shot at when somebody else has a disagreement? Even better, some damn fool brought a thermal detonator. Seeing the idiot with the thermal detonator in time, Killian fires and drops him but it's too late and the telltale glow and sound coming from the small orb is all the incentive it takes for Killian to dive behind cover. He survives the blast but dislodged rubble half buries him after knocking him unconscious.

When he finally comes to he pulls himself from the rubble to find that, aside from the bodies dotted here and there, he is alone. If anyone from Grey Haven survived the blast, they have left him for dead. Maybe that's for the best.

A sound that could only be some sort of emergency response drifts in through the hole in the warehouse wall. Volunteers probably, given the size of the town, which means less organized and less timely. Lucky.

Killian takes stock of his situation. He's got his weapons; a sport rifle and the blaster pistol his dad used when he was on the police force, the clothes (and sparse armor) on his back, the medical kit he sometimes has to use to bandage up his less careful coworkers, though it doesn’t look like it will be much use to them in their current condition, and a couple credit chips in his pocket make up the totality of the things he brought with him to this world. Adding to that the headache he has acquired since being here, and Killian figures he's got just enough to contact his brother and find some local work.

As he slips out of the ruined warehouse to avoid being there when the first responders arrive, Killian is deep in thought. What lie is he going to tell as an excuse for why he is stuck off world? A promotion? No, there isn't likely to be an increase in the amount of credits he sends home any time soon. Fired? Ha. Almost too true. Met a girl? No. Ship repairs? Maybe. Should he try and contact Grey Haven too? . . .

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