Emowyn Jaag

A young human, constantly looking around as if she is trying to remember something.


An attractive young woman, Emowyn stands at 1.6 meters tall and is slim in build. Her green eyes are sharp, but often looking about as if lost; she also has dark Auburn hair that falls to just beneath her shoulders.


The earliest thing Emowyn remembers is waking aboard the derelict ship, and being rescued by Killian, Kol, and Simon. Everything before that is blank, an emptiness in her mind that troubles her greatly.

Her life since awaking has been high speed from the get go. Her adoptive brother and his friends manage to get into new and exciting kinds of trouble on a regular basis, and she has started following in her brothers’ footsteps. Developing skills to fight and heal allow her to keep her mind off the massive hole in her memory, and the sense that there is something more she is meant to do.

Emowyn Jaag

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